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Fundraising tips

Simple ways to make the most of your fundraising page

Cancer Research UK fundraiser

We have come up with some top tips, tried and tested ideas and some expert advice to help you make the most of your fundraising.

You can be as adventurous as you like or perhaps you'd prefer to use more traditional methods. Whatever you do, the important thing is to have fun and raise as much money as possible to help beat cancer:

  • When you set up your fundraising page, you can personalise it with your own words and images.
  • Kick start the fundraising by being the first to make a donation to your page and set the trend for others to follow by making it a generous one!
  • Spread the word to let your family and friends know that you would like them to give a donation to Cancer Research UK instead of buying a gift or card. You can easily do this by emailing them a link to your page or by printing one of our notification cards to send out with your invites.

Ideas for on the day

  • Don’t forget to mention your Give in Celebration page in speeches on the day. You can thank those who have contributed to your page and remind everyone else that it’s still not too late to make a donation.
  • You can add some fun on the day by running a sweepstake around just about anything, speeches are great for this and not only will you raise some extra money but your guests will love it.
  • Why not auction off any decorations or flowers from your celebration to your guests and add the money you raise to your page.
  • Pay to play – if karaoke is your thing, ask your guests to pay to request a song or even if karaoke isn’t your thing guests can still donate to request a song on the party play list.
  • Ask the venue to do a discount that will be donated to Cancer Research UK – they could then get a mention in the speeches.
  • Love to dance? Do a sponsored marathon dance as part of your celebrations!
  • Stags and hens can pay to get out of any forfeits with the money going to Cancer Research UK of course.
  • Print off personalised fundraising materials like table cards and donation boxes. You can use these to promote your page on the day or use the boxes to collect any spare change in the lead up to your celebration or on the day.
  • If you receive a gift that you just don’t want or need, why not sell it on eBay and add what you get for it to your fundraising page?

Download fundraising materials

To make your fundraising even easier we’ve put together some downloadable materials to help you get started.

Log in to share your page with family and friends with our email templates and printable materials that are ready for you to personalise.

Fundraising success stories

Be inspired by stories of other supporters who have used Give in Celebration for many different occasions and found inspirational ways to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Order your wedding favours

Make your wedding favours truly memorable by donating to Cancer Research UK on behalf of your guests.

As a keepsake of your donation, you can request personalised favour cards complete with a choice of Cancer Research UK pin badges for your guests.